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Cape Fear Muffler

Catalytic Converters, Performance Exhaust, Brakes, Check Engine Lights, Diagnostics, A/C Work

Cape Fear Muffler specializes in the replacement of exhaust system components including mufflers, catalytic converters, pipes and custom exhaust work to include the expert bending of pipes and the installation of performance and dual exhaust systems.  We also do brake replacement and repairs and the replacement of CV joints and axles.  Cape Fear Muffler's technicians experience level is second to none and is the highest in the area, which means your car or truck will get fixed right.  We are dedicated to provide top-notch work at a fair price.  We only use the highest quality parts for all our repairs.  So, if your car is too loud, or doesn't pass inspection, brakes make noises or don't stop as good as it should,  visit Cape Fear Muffler for all your exhaust system, brake and drive axle needs.

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