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Services Provided by Cape Fear Muffler

  • Mufflers

    We carry a wide variety of high quality  mufflers.  For everything from the smallest economy cars to trucks to high performance vehicles, we have the mufflers you need.

  • Catalytic Converters

    Is your check engine light on?  Does your car or truck  not have the power or gas mileage it used to?  It could be your Catalytic Converter.  Catalytic converters can become clogged which costs you power and mileage.  Catalytic Converters can also lose the precious metals inside them that causes check engine lights to come on and cause your vehicle to fail inspections.  In some older cars (over 100,000 miles) when the Catalytic Converter fails, replacing it with a factory spec replacement is sometimes not enough to keep the check engine light out due to the engine not being as efficient as it was when new.  Cape Fear Muffler carries the higher spec Catalytic Converters needed to keep the check engine light out on older cars.  We carry the high quality Catalytic Converters your car or truck needs to keep it running at it's best.

  • Pipe Bending and Custom Pipes

    Cape Fear Muffler has a state of the art Huth Pipe Bender and we have the expertise to bend replacement pipes for most applications at a fraction of the cost of factory bent pipes.  We also provide top quality custom exhaust systems for high performance applications that in most cases provide an increase in performance and gas mileage.  From high performance sports cars and trucks, to restorations of classic vehicles, and even applications for kit cars, Cape Fear Muffler provides the best products for your dollar.

  • Brakes

    Are your brakes squealing, grinding or just not stopping your car like they should?  Does your car or steering wheel vibrate when you apply your brakes?  Have Cape Fear Muffler replace your brakes with our highest quality parts and and brake expertise so your car stops like it should both smoothly and effectively.

  • CV Joints and axles

    Do you hear a clicking noise in your front end when rounding corners or parking?  It could be your CV Joints are worn.  Cape Fear Muffler replaces CV Joints with complete new axles.

  • Shock Absorbers and Struts

    If your car clunks when going over bumps or feels like a boat in the water you may need to get new shocks or struts.  Cape Fear Muffler caries only the best shocks and struts that will give you a smooth and quiet ride.

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